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Take a Look Metal Detector and Deduster All-in-one Machine

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The dust collection agency is a kind of pharmaceutical procedure equipment, which can eliminate the fine surface dirt on the tablet through resonance. The equipment can be straight linked to any sort of high-speed tablet press.

In the spiral dust enthusiast, there is a shaking spiral path perforated screen. The tablet straight gets in the center of the perforated display from the tablet press, and afterwards gently shakes. The tablet revolves along the spiral course of the perforated plate, turns and also rotates to the perimeter.

In the lift-type dirt enthusiast, there is a vibrating mountain screen. The tablets directly get in the bottom entryway of the perforated display from the tablet press, and after that carefully vibrate. The tablet computers adhere to the spiral uphill path of the perforated plate to move on, upwards, turn and also revolve to the top of the display.

These can get rid of the surface dust layer and also the edge of the tablet. Dirt is accumulated by the dirt extraction system through the hose pipe outlet connection, as well as the tablet computers fall under the container.

The functioning concept and procedure of metal detector
The metal detector is created to detect and also get rid of trace iron, non-ferrous and also stainless steel contaminants in tablet computers. Such bits occasionally get in the item stream from worn-out processing equipment parts, such as worm screens or damaged mold and mildews.

The metal detector can instantly eliminate metal impurities without disrupting the production of tablets or capsules. Steel contaminants in the product will certainly alter the high-frequency field in the detector coil, which consequently activates the rejection baffle through a pneumatically-driven solenoid. As a result of the rapid as well as short-time activation of the denial valve, metal impurities can be reliably rejected with little worldly loss. The metal detector chute can be rapidly and also quickly dismantled for regular cleaning and product substitute.

The dust collector can be integrated with the metal detector to form a steel discovery as well as dirt removal integrated equipment. The consolidated system can give tablet dirt removal as well as automated metal discovery. The gold detection and dirt elimination incorporated device incorporates dirt removal, feeding, metal examination as well as rejection. The general structure is compact, conserving room, as well as the entire sharing procedure is entirely enclosed to guarantee the security and also hygiene of medicines. The dirt collection agency and also the metal detector are separated, thus minimizing the influence of vibration on the gold assessment and making sure the detection impact of the gold evaluation to the best level. The control system is incorporated with one control, which is easy to operate and also sensible humanized design.

  • With learning feature, product effect reductions function, can be adapted to the detection of different products

  • With 200 product storage functions, item specifications can be promptly transformed

  • Ultra-high job effectiveness makes certain top notch detection precision and also efficiency

  • Completely water resistant design, very easy to clean

  • The elevation as well as disposition angle of the rack can be elevated and also reduced manually, easy to relocate as well as clean, furnished with lockable wheels

  • The devices is made of mirror 304 stainless steel, and the being rejected device and non-metallic item channel can fulfill the FDA accreditation requirements as well as the level demands of the pharmaceutical industry

  • Contribute to the 21CFR part210 certification of GMP and FD, and also meet one of the most strict environmental needs for the manufacturing of tablet computers and pills in the pharmaceutical market

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