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Automatic Checkweigher's Function of SACW-300

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How much do you know the equipment of Automatic Checkweigher SACW-300? Do you really know the function of this device? This article is aim to know more about model SACW-300, now let us learn more from taking the following product as an example.

Automatic checkweigher for food, medicine, aquatic products, toys, clothing, shoemaking, chemicals, leather, knitting, printing

SACW-300 Automatic checkweigher

Checkweigher SACW-300 is  suitable for testing whether the weight of a single product is qualified, and is also widely used in multiple industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, health care products, daily chemicals, light industry, agricultural and sideline products. 

Performance of Automatic Checkweigher

  • Strong versatility: The standardized structure of the whole checkweigher and the standardized human-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials;

  • Simple operation: use the Weilun color man-machine interface, fully intelligent and humanized design; the conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, install and maintain, and is easy to clean;

  • Adjustable speed: the motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the speed can be adjusted as required;

  • High-speed and high-precision: high-precision digital sensors are used, with fast sampling speed and high precision;

Product advantages of Automatic Checkweigher

1. Software function

  • Fault self-detection: It can detect whether the motor, inverter, AD, sensor and photoelectricity are normal, the cause of the fault, and the pilot detection of the cylinder, solid state relay, and solenoid valve. It is convenient for non-professionals to inspect and repair.

  • Self-learning: no need to set parameters after creating new product formula information, use the self-learning function to automatically set the equipment suitable parameters, and store them for the next time you switch products (parameter storage entries 2000, can be added)

  • Zero tracking: can be manually or automatically cleared, and dynamic zero tracking;

  • Chinese input method:

        a. The name of the formula can be input in Chinese, which is more intuitive when searching and switching formulas.
         b. With RS-232 communication port, it can send Chinese characters of Unicode string to peripheral equipment. (Suitable for printing Chinese characters with external printer or marking machine).

2. Communication function

  • Interface function: standard interface is reserved, data is easy to manage, and it can communicate with PC and other intelligent devices;

  • Peripheral equipment communication: standard RS-485 and RS-232 dual communication port output.

      a. The RS-485 interface is MODBUS, RTU standard protocol, but the write address (57600bps, 8, N, 1, and the slave station number is 3) can not be modified. 
      b. The RS-232 interface is a self-defined protocol, and you can set the content of the command to send. (57600bps, 8, N, 1) can be modified. External printers or printers and other communicable equipment can also be connected with front and rear packaging machines and production equipment to feed back the weighing results so that formula parameters can be automatically modified.

3. Report function

Built-in report statistics, the report can be generated in EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, the U disk can store statistical data for more than one year, and support the production status at any time; provide the factory parameter setting recovery function, and can be stored Multiple formulas, easy to change product specifications;

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